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Jun. 2nd, 2008 | 04:11 pm

Saturday morning - I decided to take Preston to breakfast and Half-Price Books flagship store, as he'd never been.  He's in the shower and he says, "Kelly, there's another wasp in your bathroom.   Isn't this the fourth or fifth one?"   Yes, it is. 

Sometimes I leave my back door open so Hannah can go outside and fresh air can come in.  Sometimes the fresh air brings bugs.  I had assumed that the wasps were coming in at that time and flying past me, undetected, into the bathroom.  Preston argues that obviously they are coming from somewhere else and suggests that we empty my closet, which I'm not interested in as it's the only closet in my whole apartment and thus CRAMMED FULL of all my stuff, including the golf clubs I bought off of Ebay (ladies, left-handed, $25 = bargain for me) and only used that one time in Grand Prairie.

Ah but I digress, right so I'm thinking, "maybe there's a nest outside the bathroom window and maybe there's a gap in the window frame?" and I pull the "curtain" (towel I hung up for privacy but have yet to replace with a real curtain) and sure enough, there's a small nest INSIDE my bathroom in the corner of the window sill.  I commence to do the freak out dance/whimper song and start twitching and Holy Effing God there are wasps LIVING in my bathroom. 

Preston does not man up and kill them for me while I stand down the street waiting for a coast is clear signal. 

Instead he insists on googling the best way to handle them (I have roach spray) and learns that wasps are less active at night and that's the best time to spray them. 

We go to breakfast (Ed's Deli on Preston and 635 - HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended for those not counting calories - I'm going back for the reuben) and then to Half-Price (I somehow managed to keep my purchase under $20 - three books) and then to Kroger to pick out the appropriate wasp spray. 

Preston has to be at work and has advised me that I am going into this battle solo.  Saturday evening I go to dinner and then to see the Old 97's at the House of Blues and I drink the appropriate amount of alcohol and then go home and I'm ready!  Let's do this!

Very anticlimactic.  You're supposed to spray from about 25 feet away, but since I'm inside my bathroom, I'm only about 3-4 feet away.  The spray is a powerful jet, so it pretty much just annihilates the whole nest, dead wasps drop to the sill, nothing moves.  I stand there for a second, surprised at how simple the whole thing was and then I soak the whole nest down with the spray.  

The scariest part is that there were 20 eggs/larvae inside the nest. 

And now I'm itchy again.

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