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Oct. 16th, 2008 | 05:25 pm

I made quinoa with shrimp (that I purchased from my Whole Foods boyfriend, Jeric) last night and watched the debate.  Last night ruled.  Texted back and forth with Ben during the debate and sent him a rant this morning about how absurd it is that the anchors go to their pool of "undecideds" after the debated to gauge their feelings - Fuck them.  They're stupid and too lazy, I wonder if they're all registered.  I swear one of them said, "I like what McCain had to say about the economy.  I'm still undecided but now I have more to think about."  Fuck.  Yes, continue to think about it.  God forbid you pick up a paper, though - that might make thinking hurt. 

Pretty weather = Happy Kelly.

Other things making me happy:

Sweet Tomatoes Apple Cider and Green Tea
Punk Goes Crunk album that isn't necessarily good so much as it is fun
Honeycrisp Apples (shout out to typsygypsy who recommended them at least two years ago, maybe three?)
My Halloween costume (still a plan more than a completed project but I have two weeks and the main article of clothing necessary)
Christmas - It's the whole family this year

Tomorrow I'm going to that Friday Night DMA thing with Preston.  Happy Emoticon Here.


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