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Aug. 24th, 2009 | 03:48 pm

Since my last post was mid-October 2008, I'll start with saying that my Halloween Costume, Sexy Lunch Lady, was everything you imagine except Sexy.  My dress was too big and no amount of discreet duct tape could make it slutty enough. The goal was to win sexiest and scariest prizes while "making a statement" about how absurd female costumes are now.  I did carry around a bowl of jello because I figured it was too dangerous to carry sloppy joe meat after getting drunk and I can't stand the smell of potato salad.  I think the painted on unibrow and mustache were a bit much for Preston.  After the party he told me he never wanted to see that costume again.  Fair enough.

November - Thanksgiving was fun?
December - Family Christmas was a train wreck.  We (Preston and I) went to San Angelo with the rest of the family - everyone caught some horrible virus.
End of January - found out I was pregnant. 

So since January I've just been gaining weight (most of what I lost over the years - I feel like a house right now).  I'm due October 5th, it's a girl, we're naming her Eleanor.

Yesterday I had an iced coffee and Preston gave me the dirty ashamed look that he jeopardizes his chances of being able to create a second child, which is of no concern to me because my second child is going to be Cambodian.  TRUST.  

Pregnancy is pretty gross and while it's pretty cool to feel her move around blah blah blah, I'm counting down the six weeks I have left.  I can't wait to eat sushi, drink wine, and do real workouts. 


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Bacteria Janet

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from: violetstaunton
date: Aug. 25th, 2009 02:55 pm (UTC)

I missed blue cheese the most.

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